Ledgestone Mystery Box

The hype is real; the Ledgestone mystery boxes are some of the best in the industry. Here is what's included in this box:

  • (3) Ledgestone Wave 3 discs!
  • (4) additional Discraft Limited Edition discs!

All 7 of these discs come in one box with free shipping! That's $15 a disc which includes a box full of Limited Edition discs. Please put any requests you have in the notes, including disc choices, color options and weight options. We cannot make any promises on requests, but we will do our best. The Ledgestone Wave 3 discs include the following:

  • ESP Swirly Glo Force
  • CryZtal Sparkle Raptor
  • Tour Series Swirly ESP Mantis
  • CT Zone
  • Tour Series Swirly ESP Nuke
  • Colorshift Banger GT
  • Colorshift Comet
  • Ti Swirly Focus
  • Ti Swirly Crush

Examples of the other Limited Edition discs include the following:

  • CryZtal Zombees
  • First Run Buzzz OS
  • CryZtal Sparkle Comets
  • Tour Series Swirly ESP Glo Buzzz
  • ESP Swirly Undertakers
  • ESP Swirly Vultures
  • Titanium McBeth Undertakers
  • Halloween Buzzzes
  • Phoenix Stamped discs
  • Star Wars discs
  • Swirly ESP Raptors
  • McBeth Z Zones
  • Big Z Buzzz SS
  • CryZtal Stalkers
  • And more!

We only have 50 of these boxes available so get them while they are HOT and available!

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