Misprint Mystery Box

We know how popular our Ledgestone mystery boxes are, so now we are offering Misprint Mystery Boxes. Each of these boxes will have 14 old school discs. You heard that right, 14 discs! A lot of these discs were accidentally marked as misprints while some of them are misprints. Many are old school first run discs. Here is a taste of what we have:

  • Swirly Cylcones
  • Old School Cyclones
  • First Run MRV's
  • First Run XS'
  • Hall of Fame discs
  • LE Crushes
  • Old School Slipstream
  • First Run Stratus
  • Old School Predators
  • Old School Xpress'
  • PDGA Midnight Stalkers
  • First Run Hawks
  • Old School Deuces
  • Old School Eclipse
  • First Run Vortex
  • Old School Marauders
  • First Run XL's
  • Old School Reapers
  • Old School Tracers
  • Old School XTRA's

Don't miss this great deal! We have a very limited number of these boxes available.

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