Misprint Mystery Box

We know how popular our Ledgestone mystery boxes are, so now we are offering Misprint Mystery Boxes. Each of these boxes will have 10 discs and these boxes include a variety of discs:

  • Discs that had a slight dropout in the stamp
  • Misprint Limited Edition Discs
  • McBeth discs that included the McBeth misprint overstamp
  • Regular Discraft misprint discs
  • Discs that have slight scratches in them

All of these discs are still in good shape but they are misprints. Most of the discs included in these boxes are Limited Edition discs while some are regular stock discs. We only have 30 of these boxes available at this time and here is what's in this run:

  • Full Foils
  • Buzzzes
  • Z Zones
  • McBeth Zones
  • Ti Swirly Stalkers
  • Ti Swirly Meteors
  • Jawbreaker Discs
  • Big Z Forces
  • ESP Thrashers
  • ESP Swirly Heats
  • ESP Swirly Raptors
  • Big Z Wasps
  • Ace Race Hawks
  • ESP Swirly Zones
  • Zeus'
  • Halloween Buzzzes
  • Z Undertakers
  • CryZtal Buzzzes
  • Ti Buzzz SS

Don't miss this great deal! We can do our best on disc preferences, so if you have any preferences please put those in the notes.