Presnell Z Swirly Raptor

The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver that is a favorite of many Discraft pros, including Andrew Presnell. Think of the Raptor like the fairway driver equivalent of the Zone. The Raptor is ideal for shots between 275' and 300' and is great in the wind. This was a limited run of 1000 discs to support Andrew on the road this year. This design was done by Black Ink designs, and half of the discs will be sold by Ledgestone and half will be sold by Black Ink. NOTE: You are not picking your exact disc with this release, just your weight preference. The disc you receive will be random. The disc limit in this release is 2; anyone who orders more than 2 will see their order cancelled. Here are the flight and disc characteristics for the Raptor: