Tour Series 12 Pack

This year’s Tour Series plastic is a special Z Swirly blend, the first time Discraft has released this plastic blend. This special pack comes with all 12 Tour Series Z Swirly discs for the 2020 Elite Team members. Here is a full list of the discs:

Buzzz SS – Tim Barham

Zone – Brian Earhart

Undertaker – Missy Gannon

Wasp – Adam Hammes

Force – Austin Hannum

Comet – Michael Johansen

Stalker – Hailey King

Luna – Paul McBeth

Buzzz – Paige Pierce

Drone – Andrew Presnell

Raptor – Paul Ulibarri

Meteor – Vanessa Van Dyken

You can purchase all 12 of these for $249.99 while supporting your favorite pros and Ledgestone! This is a presale and we expect these items to ship out on 5/22/20. Please put color and weight requests in the notes. The pictures shown are examples of the types of discs you could receive.