Uli Venom

The next Uli stamped disc is here and it's a classic: the Discraft Venom. The Venom is an out of production overstable fairway driver that came out in 2005. The plastic in this run was ESP Tour Series Swirl. The Venom is no longer produced which will make this disc even more rare. The Venom has a stability rating of 2.0 on the Discraft scale and is a great disc for headwind shots and forehand shots. These were stamped with the mini Uli shield and we only made 500 of these. Get one of these limited edition Venoms and help support Uli on the road this year! NOTE: You are not picking your exact disc with this release, just your weight preference. The disc you receive will be random. The disc limit in this release is 2; anyone who orders more than 2 will see their order cancelled.

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